Mobile Data Exchange

As the Internet of Things continues to grow at a rapid rate, mobile sensors and devices become a more common way to communicate information.

The device manufacturers struggling to find suitable connectivity solutions, engage middlemen and stumble upon complicated contracts, binding pricing, difficult payment procedures and more.

A public blockchain ledger can help create tamper-resistant subscriber identity modules (SIM).

This opens a new way to automate operator-manufacturer connectivity processes without setting up a centralized provisioning infrastructure.

Device manufacturers can instantly connect their products to any provider of mobile data, anywhere around the globe and without intermediaries.

Welcome to the Mobile Data Exchange. The blockchain based technology that disrupts SIM cards.


How it Works

The Mobile Data Exchange is a complete ecosystem for the trade of mobile data between device manufacturers (buyers) and mobile data providers (sellers).

A buyer places a request for connectivity, stating the requested price, coverage, quality of service, technology (eSIM, vSIM, WiFi etc) and payment method (blockchain used).

The platform instantly matches sellers with buyers in accordance with their joint parameters.

Identity module (SIM) is intelligently replaced by a crypto wallet and remotely provisioned over the air, offering an enhanced level of security and trust without any infrastructural change or modification

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Powered By Keepgo

Keepgo, a pioneer of innovative connectivity solutions, has been linking customers with providers of mobile data since 2009. Keepgo has developed a unique, groundbreaking technology: a virtual SIM which can intelligently connect you to any network provider around the globe.

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Soon, devices with eSIMs will be able to connect to KeepGo’s distributed marketplace, where users can enjoy a bigger selection of data plans with greater transparency. Instead of purchasing the right to surf from a third party, users will be able to choose their provider in a decentralized network. The twist is that other users are the providers and share their data with others via KeepGo’s Mobile Data Exchange.

Joe Liebkind

KeepGo is a blockchain-based startup that allows users to keep control of their data plans. In general, people experience a lack of data that they need. But it can also happen that they have significantly more than what they use. And this is something that needs to change.

Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team
Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Keepgo, a longtime player in the telecoms industry, is announcing a decentralized data exchange that allows anyone to buy or sell data at market-driven prices. Because everyone’s data consumption is unique, but contract plans are rigid and unyielding, people frequently have excess data that they don’t use, or they incur overage charges for exceeding their plan’s limitations.

Live Bitcoin News
Live Bitcoin News

The KeepGo exchange is controlled by market forces, so nobody controls the prices or has an improper influence on the market. Instead, the exchange is managed by the blockchain’s smart contracts that automatically execute buy or sell orders based on the current, community-driven data rates. In this way, KeepGo returns the data market to users rather than with the telecom companies that have dictated the market for so long.

News BTC
News BTC

When it's better to try than to buy "If you're crossing one of the borders, you may especially want to rent a smartphone, or just a SIM card for your iPhone, so you can avoid costly data overages. Keepgo helps do just that. You can rent a replacement SIM card - or you can even rent a complete iOS gadget"

Kim Komando

The Right Wi-Fi Hotspot for Every Type of Traveler "Best for the International Traveler: If you’re the type of traveler who routinely ventures overseas, you’re not going to want the hassle of getting a new rental hotspot for every single trip".

Tucker Bowe
Gear Patrol

How to travel abroad without having to sell your house to pay your cell phone bill "Keepgo on Tuesday announced a few big changes to its wireless offering".

Zach Epstein

Keepgo solves overseas travel dataphone challenge "There is no shortage of advice for travelers who want to use their dataphones, tablets and computers while traveling abroad".

Mobile Wireless Routers Keep you Connected "Interested in owning your own "MiFi," instead of simply renting one? Keepgo offers users the opportunity to travel indefinitely with internet on the go".

Shannon Broderick

iPhone home wherever you roam "..Keepgo has content-sharing agreement in place with application developers and agreements with cellular networks around the world, so you can be sure there won't be any surprises like unexpected, extra fees when you return home.."

Karin Kloosterman

How to Pay Less While Using Your Cell Phone Abroad "When it comes to using your cell phone abroad, international travel has gotten much less painful in recent history".

Zach Epstein
Epoch Times

"This is the first time I have traveled with international data coverage and I can easily say it will not be the last. I have been spoiled by this Keepgo international SIM card and will never travel without this kind of luxury ever again - and neither should you. You will save time, money, and your sanity."

Shaun Robertson
This Life In Trips

Pack Lighter and Save Money by Renting "You may not want to pay the monthly bill for an iPhone, but they're pretty darn handy to have while traveling. That's where Keepgo can help.."

Kate Sitarz

Staying Connected Overseas with the Keepgo Lifetime Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot "There are plenty of ways - with varying degrees of simplicity - to keep connected while traveling. You can buy a SIM each time you touch down in a new country".

Sarah Silbert
The Points Guy

"I'd strongly recommend Keepgo to anyone traveling internationally and looking for a cheaper alternative to expensive roaming fees."

Danny Walsh
Tech SourceHub

12 things you didn't know you could rent " ..In a service that's designed for travelers, Keepgo hooks you up with a rental unit for a week (starting at $99), with simple set-up for you destination.."

Shaun Robertson

Invest 10ETH or more and receive a complimentary Keepgo Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Why Is BSIM Token Unique?

The Mobile Data Exchange is a new business model to trade cellular services. This is a concept, where operators can trade directly with device manufacturers, without intermediaries, peer-to-machine.

To allow fair access to providers of any size and prevent potential takeover by single players, the BSIM token was issued.

Each token represents a license to sell a certain amount of data on the Exchange. The selling quota of every token depends on the overall volume of mobile data traded on the Exchange.

As the number of sellers and buyers grows, the accumulated volume of traded mobile data increases. The more data is traded on the Exchange, the quota for every token increase.

Multi-Standard Support

The Exchange supports multiple blockchain technologies, existing and to be released. In addition, different Remote SIM standards as well as trade of WiFi data is supported.

Hardware Independent

We will immediately offer the Keepgo virtual SIM technology but will also provide device manufacturers with REST APIs to enable them adaptation of any mobile and stationary device.

Open Source Software

Define your own selling requirements, set KYC and affiliates commission and much more using our open-source, fully modifiable Exchange app code. Powered by a nonprofit foundation, and completely free of charge.

Flexible monetization schemes

Tokens can be used to earn money by selling data, traded on an exchange or leased to occasional sellers. The more traffic you sell, the larger the quota you have with every token.

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Designed With The Crypto Community In Mind

WiFi Private Network

The WiFi network you can trust. Pocket mobile WiFi hotspot within a hand's reach. Secured Hardware and Software. Installations of apps are not allowed.

Global Coverage

Works everywhere, where there is cellular coverage. Connects to 500+ mobile operators in 100+ countries. No SIM, No Contract.

4G/LTE Speeds

Data speeds as high as 150Mbps/50Mbps. Stable and fast connection.

Pay By Bitcoin. No Contract.
Pay As You Go.

Pay for data with BTC (paypal, credit card available as well). Device comes preloaded with 1GB of data. Refill your data as you go or set up auto-refill to keep your service active.

A Full Year To Use Your Data

You have a full year to use your initial 1GB of data. Every time you refill your data you reset the clock to another year.

Easy To Use

One push of a button and you have access to the internet while on the go. Works seamlessly on all your WiFi-enabled devices. No need to install any software!

Up To 8 Devices

Keep your mobile phone, tablet, laptop connected within 32 ft (10m) range. All at the same time- no need to pick favorites.

Secured Private WiFi Network

Protects your personal information and secret keys against hacker's attacks. Provides protection against Man In The Middle (MITM) attack, when hackers hijack unsecured WiFi networks.

Built-In Power Bank

Your Keepgo WPN can serve as a backup power source to charge other USB-compatible devices by using the built-in Power Bank feature.

Invest 10ETH or more and receive a complimentary Keepgo Mobile WiFi Hotspot


  • The company is established in California by Guy and David, under brand
  • Agreements with AT&T and O2 (UK) are sealed
  • First B2C customer acquires international data roaming services
  • Company offers data coverage in 120+ countries and destinations
  • First employee joins the company
  • Branch in Israel is established
  • Agreement with Vodafone DE is established
  • Company provides international data services to B2B and M2M businesses
  • The company starts B2B2C vertical, providing data solutions to Hotspot rental companies
  • Strategic deal is signed with leading Japanese firm, Keepgo solutions are used by Fortune 500 enterprises
  • Company develops a system for SIM card and operator management
  • Radius integration with Tier 1 carriers is developed
  • Office in AU is established
  • Mobile app for APN setup, traffic control and monitoring is developed
  • Keepgo partner with iPass to provide aggregated solution
  • Company establishes Wikipedia site about roaming solutions –
  • Company rebranded to become
  • Keepgo acquires hotspot rental company
  • Strategic partnership agreement is signed with Telefonica
  • Innovative solution - Lifetime data SIM introduced to the market
  • Investment round from AltaIR VC and IMI VC
  • Keepgo presents its services in MWC
  • Carrier relations department established, agreements sealed with 10+ Tier one carriers worldwide
  • Keepgo begins the development of virtual SIM technology
  • Virtual SIM prototype is developed
  • Major Chinese hotspot rental company partners with Keepgo
  • Strategic deals with Vodafone Italy and NL are signed
  • MVAR agreement with AT&T is signed
  • Introducing KeepgoFi - next generation global vSIM hotspot
  • KeepgoFi tested & used by early adopters in 120 countries
  • Keepgo acquires
  • HQ moved to new location
  • KeepgoFi becomes commercially available in the US, IL, Russia and EU
  • vSIM technology is licensed by strategic partner
  • Major telecom and cable companies show interest in Keepgo products and technology
  • Decentralized network for megabyte exchange designed and developed
  • Introduced the Exchange prototype
  • Registered “The KEEP Foundation” NPO
  • Initiated Token sale (June – Aug)
  • Defined open API
  • Developed match node for single blockchain
  • Developed buyer app

Invest 10ETH or more and receive a complimentary Keepgo Mobile WiFi Hotspot


David Lipovkov

David leads the company since its inception. He has 12 years experience of C-level positions in technology companies. David Lipovkov holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion IIT.

Guy Zbarsky

Guy brings more than 15 years of management experience. He holds a B.Sc in Computer Science, B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and a MBA from the Technion IIT. Ranked IDF Major, Divemaster and Karate Sempai


Dr. Igor Ryabenkiy

Managing Partner,
AltaIR Crypto Invest

Igor is a a serial investor and entrepreneur with over 20 years of successful executive and investment experience, including Internet startups and IT companies. He has funded, developed, and exited more than 100+ of investment projects worldwide.

Ishay Tentser

CEO IniTech

Ishay Tentser is the Founder & CEO of IniTech, an Israeli software development company with a focus on decentralized systems. He is also a founding member in several startups, a networking guru, and unyielding performer. Ishay is seen as an innovative thinker and speaker in Fintech, AI, Crypto, Blockchain.

Yossi Peretz

CEO Stox

Yossi is a technology and cryptocurrency enthusiast, with a strong record of developing market-leading products and services, and extensive experience in online investments and financial markets. Yossi has a wealth of international experience, with roles in the fintech, business and operations management.

Sam Netzer

Telecom and Roaming Executive

Serving for 10+ years as the Head of Roaming Department in Orange IL, Sam was the innovator of first roaming bundles for international travelers, disrupting the local telecom market and generating more than $100M in sales of international traffic. Later he became CEO of a startup company. Holds an MBA.

Prof. Simon Lytsin

USB Flash Inventor

Consults Israeli and international high-tech companies in the areas of storage, communications and computing. As chief scientist at SanDisk, Simon was the innovator of the breakthrough Flash memory storage technology. Founder of a successful start-up. An IEEE Senior member, Professor with the School of Electrical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University.

Ivan Zolochevskii

CEO AltaClub,
exCEO Vodafone

Ivan served as a CEO of Vodafone UA for more than 4 years. Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Strong business development professional with a MBA Program, Professional Diploma focused in Management from The Open University Business School.

Mark Kellerhuis

VP International Carrier Services
at Sprint

As Sprint US Director, Mark manages the international carriers business at Sprint US within the EMEA region since 2005. He has more then 25 years of experience in the Telecommunications and IT industry. Bachelor of Informatics, Technical Information Systems.

Awesome Team

Jacques de Waal
Partner – Keepgo EU
Vlad Kalinovski
Alexander Zaets
Server Side Team Leader
Dr. Daniel Salpak
Carrier Relations Manager and Finance
Gili Chupak
Head of Customer Service
Boris Frenkel
Senior Embedded Software Engineer
Liad Horowitz
Senior Business Development Manager
Frank Visser
Marketing manager - EU
Oleg Shehter
Head of QA Department
Ella Brester
Executive Assistant
Dmitry Atanov
Quality Assurance Engineer
Andrey Kruk
Server Side Developer
Sean Vermeulen
B2B Account Manager - EU
Tijmen de Kruijf
Marketing manager - EU
Rick Willems
Customer Service - EU
Marc-Antoine Delezenne
Business Development - France
Alex Velitsky
Business Development - Australia

Keepgo Clients


Why is cellular data trading not allowed on standard marketplaces, like eBay or Amazon?

Standard marketplaces are designed to support the trading of physical merchandise and do not have the required technological infrastructure to support the trade of cellular services.

Will Network Operators allow the resell of data bundles purchased by end users?

This model will co-exist with the current eco-system and current telecom models, there is no collusion or cannibalization involved. In the same way as public transport and taxi co-exists with Uber, Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators will co-exist with the Exchange.

Do I need any special equipment to trade data?

Yes, data can be purchased only with devices that support SIM-less technologies, like KeepgoFi Hotspot. Data can be sold by any device with the KEEP Foundation app installed (Android version) or using portable SIM slots.

Will I be able to use my phone while trading data?

You will be able to use your phone on a WiFi network only with the Exchange app up and running.

Can I also trade texts and voice bundles over the Exchange?

No, at the present time The Exchange doesn’t support the trade of SMS messages and voice minutes

Is trading limited to mobile data only, or can WiFi traffic also be traded?

Data exchange is not limited to mobile data, one can trade their landline Wi-Fi bundle as well.